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“A fantastic haircut at an unbelievable price”

Laura G.

Washington, DC

“Sang is one of Washington’s gems.”

Chris M.

Washington, DC

“Sang is the best! From professional cuts, to hipster, emo or punk, Sang can do it all. She’s super friendly and genuinely interested in making you happy.”

Kelley S.

Washington, DC

“Best place to get your hair cut in DC, hands down. Sang did an amazing job with the hair and at a price that was absolutely reasonable. Also she gave me a to go box of some tasty treats, which was equally amazing. I can’t recommend this place enough.”

Will L.

Washington, DC

“Sang is super sweet and everyone commented on my new hair cut. A hair stylist, I know, even asked me where I went and commented on it several times throughout the night.”

Stephanie M.

Rosslyn, VA

“She is incredibly talented and has a great personality and sense of humor. She did my wife’s hair and nails for our wedding in October 2008 as well as the bridesmaids and my mother-in-law.”

John H.

Washington, DC

“She also did a fantastic job for my wedding: a gorgeous up-do that stayed in place all night!”

Layla V.

Washington, DC

“Sang has been cutting my hair for three years. I’ve got a tough head of hair which needs to be cut a specific way to look good. Sang gives a great mens haircut at a very fair price. Her hours work well with my schedule.”

Matt H.

Washington, DC

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Michelle H.
Washington, DC
5 stars

Going to Sang was great. I havent been to a salon or stylist for over 2 years (as an art student in school we usually cut our own hair). But after letting it grow out and realizing it wasnt for me I decided a needed a new look.

I went to Sang and showed her a style and also asked for highlights. While the cut didnt come out exactly how I wanted -it still looked good and I had the compliments to back it up. The highlights, however were amazing and amazingly cheap. Normally I have to pay close to 200 for cut and highlights but this was half that. A total deal!

On top of that, she is friendly and hospitable offering drinks and food.

She truly is an amazing stylist. Thank you, Sang!

Nadine J.
Washington, DC
5 stars

For years, 80% of my haircuts were at the Aveda teaching salons in Philadelphia and DC for less than $20, and the other 20% of my haircuts were with senior stylists for upwards of $60.   No matter who I went to, the results were mostly along these lines: a hairstylist who didn’t quite pay attention to what I had asked for and gave me a cut that took me weeks to adjust to.

Then, after weeks of enduring a haircut which was not layered properly at all, and with a family wedding quickly approaching, I called Aveda to see if they could squeeze me in.  And this is where fate intervened: they couldn’t give me an appointment, so I was stuck searching yelp, cringing at the listings of high-priced NW DC and Bethesda salons.

And then I came upon Sang’s listing.  You can tell over the phone that she is going to be bubbly and enthusiastic, and that impression was reinforced upon walking into her storefront.  Her salon is a simple place, and if you’re bent on having all the trappings of a dressed up “haute” salon as you get your hair cut, maybe you should stick with one of those.  But whatever high-maintenance ambience is missing, it is more than compensated in two areas:

1. Sang is a blast to talk to, and she is probably the most generous stylist in DC.  Although I didn’t take her up on it, she offered me beer and champagne several times during my cut!


Let me elaborate on my second point.  Time and time again I’ve dealt with hairstylists who hesitated one too many times while cutting my hair, and deviated so far off the original “plan” I wondered if they had hearing issues.  I’ve also left lots of haircuts where my hair wasn’t completely blown dry (I’m looking at you, Aveda teaching institute).

But not with Sang — she made swift, confident cuts, and an amazing blowout to boot.  My hair was completely straight and dry at the end.  (And you have to watch her blow-drying technique, it is both dizzying and fascinating to see).  Sang straight up says that she loves cutting hair and she loves blow-drying, and it shows, because my haircut is the best i’ve had in years.  To make it better, because I’m moving from DC soon, Sang even gave me the terminology I need to explain to any other hairstylists exactly how I want my hair cut so they can replicate the amazing work she did.

All of this, and my haircut was a very reasonable $40, a palatable compromise between the low-priced and overpriced haircuts that have never gone right for me.  Even after I move, I’m going to try and save my haircuts for when i come back to DC.  Sang is the best!

Jon M.
Washington, DC
Sang has been cutting my hair for about five years now, and I highly recommend her. Her prices are very reasonable- just $20 for a mens haircut. And she always does a good job: I receive compliments consistently from my friends on my haircut after each trip to Sang. And she does not waste time: for a busy professional, it’s important for me to get in and out in a short amount of time. For a great haircut at a great price (and fast!), I recommend you go to Sang!

Kendall G.
Bethesda, MD

This might be beating a dead horse, but I don’t care.  Sang is a very good deal, the $20 haircut for men is a steal, since the typical haircut is more expensive and much less well done.  A week or two away and the haircut still stands up quite well.

As others have said, Sang is very pleasant to talk with.  Among other things, she gave her take the quality of food in Cairo vs. Amman!

Laura G.
Global wine-living on a root beer-budget…
Washington, DC
I have long hair, and quite simply, Sang is the best stylist I’ve found in the area.

Before visiting Sang last Friday, I hadn’t gotten a ‘real haircut’ for over 2 years. Even then, I had to drive to my sister’s stylist in NC just too find someone I could trust.

Desperate and shaggy-haired, I finally visited Sang after reading the reviews on Yelp, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not only did she serve me amazing food (chicken curry. Yum!), but she also gave me a fantastic haircut at an unbelievable price. I have thick, heavy hair, and Sang’s cut lightened the weight of my hair and gave it much needed volume and movement, all without reducing length. Better yet, the cut is easy to style — I  just wash it and let it dry. Fantastic! I highly recommend her services, and I’m looking forward to having her highlight my hair later this spring.

Check out my before and after pictures, which you can see on my profile.

Stephanie M.
save a horse, ride a cowboy
Rosslyn, VA
Sang is super sweet and everyone commented on my new hair cut. A hair stylist, I know, even asked me where I went and commented on it several times throughout the night.

Matt H.
Washington, DC
Sang has been cutting my hair for three years. I’ve got a tough head of hair which needs to be cut a specific way to look good. Sang gives a great mens haircut at a very fair price. Her hours work well with my schedule. Best of all she is good person who I love to support with my business. I recently tried her Laotian food as well, delicious!

Gary M.
Washington, DC
Sang is hands down the best barber in Woodley Park. When I moved to Woodley three years ago, I asked around about where I should get my haircut. A few people in my building recommended Sang, and I have been going back ever since. The best thing about Sang is that she works late, so you can get you haircut after work. Oh yeah, she makes great pad Thai too!

Alejo M.: For a guy , I definitely worry a little too much about my haircuts, especially when switching barbers (just moved from St. Louis this week)…I will worry no longer.  After reading several reviews for 5-7 places I called Sang and she was able to squeeze me in the next day.  The haircut looks better than ever, and for $20 I am more than pleased!

Thanks Sang 🙂

Lauren L.: Based on all of your previous yelp reviews and a bad haircut from Bang,  I decided to give Sang a try.  She asked me to bring pictures of what I wanted and we spent a minute or two discussing what I would like.  She definitely got it right away and I really enjoy her cut! Plus, she is super friendly and talkative. She also understands how people are in grad school and can’t pay an arm and a leg for a haircut. It’s nice to have a conversation with a hair stylist who genuinely likes what she is doing and also wants to talk to you.

Sang is cute, friendly, and does a great job! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Rohan P.: Most barbers see my helmet of thick hair, let of an exasperated sigh, pull out an industrial strength razor and go to town. I had been going to the same barber in Bethesda for years, but I finally gave up on them after last time when they didn’t do what I wanted at all.
Thanks to the rave reviews of fellow Yelpsters, I was able to locate Sang in the bottom of the Marriott hotel on Calvert Street. I probably talked about my hair more in that half-an-hour than I have my entire life. Sang seems genuinely interested in her customers, gives your recommendations on how to cut your hair, while still listening to what you have to say. She asked me what I ate to get my hair so thick, and I told her to check my Yelp reviews.
Sang is also a master of self-promotion. She told me she wanted to go down to the protest down the street and hand out her business card to everyone. Then she told a story about how when she started cutting hair, she would write down what clips she used on each customer, and in what style they liked their hair. All of her colleagues laughed at her, until she started getting all the repeat business, and was booked all the time. She stays open late for working professionals, and before you leave, she gives you a time-frame to come back for your next haircut. No wonder she is always booked.
Sang is very confident in her abilities, and she should be. I got a great haircut, for only $20 (men). My only regret is that she didn’t offer me any food and drink like the other Yelpsters described. Oh well, there is always next time, since I will definitely be back.
Amanda B.: Sang is great!   I was frustrated with my last cut from Bang, so I went there to have my haircut after reading all the reviews on Yelp.  I loved my haircut.  Because I was trying to keep my hair as long as possible for my upcoming wedding, she was great about trimming it to give it a nice shape without sacrificing any length.  She also fixed my bangs, which needed help.
I was so happy with her work that I had her do my hair, plus 2 bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law’s hair for my wedding.  She did such an awesome job with our variety of hair styles – from down and flowy, to short and punky, to up and fancy.  She really knows how to work with hair.  My Mom who was visiting from out of town loved her trim from Sang.  She now wants to go back to Sang whenever she’s in town.
For the wedding hair, you can go to her salon for an amazing price, or pay a little more and have her come to you.  We went to her salon and so I was able to pay for everyone’s.  Her everyday prices are very low too.
I highly recommend coming here.